Studies of Electrical Market, Planning and Analysis of Electrical Systems, Control Systems and Telecommunications.

About us

Engineering and Productividad S.A.C, is Asesoría's company and consultantship founded in 1993, that has orchestrated professional services in the specialties of Ingeniería: Electric, Mechanical, Civil and managment of the Improvement of the Entrepreneurial Productivity, that they answer to the companies'present-day and future needs; Searching favoring the obtaining of elevated high-quality levels and productivity, and with it achieving to strengthen your competitiveness.

The philosophy that provokes the works of this entity, corresponds to a comprehensive vision of the entrepreneurial unit constituted by multiple subsystems; whose successive and harmonic rationalization and optimization (enterprise should be achieved from the adequate manly interaction) that permits him to absorb and promoting the modernization of the country.

Engineering and Productividad is the fruit of the effort organized of a select multidisciplinary group of professionals of well-known trajectory than in addition to its ample experience and elevated technical capacity, they have a deep vocation on duty.

Our values


Fulfill within the time agreed our work commitments and obligations to our customers.


Providing a service supported with Highly qualified professionals and wide experience in the sector, as well as the progress of the work under national and international standards


Search always be in full communication with technical staff and our customers in the development of projects.


Total transparency with our clients and partners, promoting the truth as a basic tool to build trust and credibility.


Fully assume the commitments and responsibilities with clients and projects, as well as to the consequences of what you do or stop doing, working to way they contribute to the objectives of the company.

Environmental Ethics

Contribute to the development of projects that are formulated in common respect for the environment and under the terms of the average current environmental regulations.